Who is this DM Josh guy?

Josh Cornwell is a veteran dungeon master, starting his first campaign in 1995 at the tender age of eleven. Since then he's gone on to run dozens of games, some of which lasted for years. He's hosted and organized games for friends, family, strangers, and school groups. Whether you're looking for a dungeon delve, a trek through the wilderness, or a journey across the planes of existence, Josh will keep the dice rolling and the laughter coming.

For more of Josh's content, including YouTube videos and published works on DriveThruRPG, check out Copper Dragon Games.

How much does a professional DM cost?

According to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, some dungeon masters charge as much as $500 per session. Luckily, you're with me, so my prices are much more affordable. Click here to check prices and sign up!

What do people say about his games?

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