Catalina said:

As a bit of a beginner in dnd, Josh made it really enjoyable and easy to play. I loved the creative maps he made with so much detail in the dungeons and plot. He made so many different alternative plots that allowed us to choose how we wanted the game to go. I had a great time playing in the campaigns he made and would definitely do it again.

Darrin said:

I have been playing various RPGs for the past 40 years now give or take a couple years.. and I have found that Josh is one of the better story tellers that I have had the privilege of playing with.

Andrew said:

As new player coming into my first session of DND, Josh made it easy, fun, and exciting. He was able to seamlessly incorporate me into an active campaign; all the while, simultaneously crafting a story that not only fit the current narrative but allowed me the flexibility to develop my character’s traits and back story as I imagined. Josh also took our feedback in what we were hoping to achieve out of our time and campaigned. He used this to author plots and challenges that were exciting, challenging and creative. I have enjoyed being sucked into every world he has created for us. Our DND sessions are a time I look forward to every week.

Tara said:

My son and daughter thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Cornwell’s campaign as a DM. He was creative, fun and well-versed in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. In addition to being a great DM, he was also our kids’ school counselor, so we all felt safe and comfortable with him outside of school time. He was a thoughtful and responsible addition to our school district, and anyone who is lucky enough to have him as a counselor or Dungeon Master would be lucky.